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The Holistic Sanctuary

We cure heroin habituation at The Holistic Sanctuary finished a existent therapeutic system. This most sophisticated addiction-healing grouping uses plant-based medicine, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, turning cells and opposite raw resources to adjust and make the design and better your body and spirit. It provides straightlaced gas and nutrients and offers affirmative input for a utter healthful.

To make your brainpower and listen, you’ll endure a high-dose vitamin IV therapy and paraffin acids IV drips. These are necessary for resetting your intelligence.

For cadre ameliorate and restoration, we apply Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. And to supply your cells with the animated nutrients they pauperism to transform properly, we offer unloving pressed provender succus to cleanse your object embody.

But these aren’t the only treatments that can cure heroin dependency at The Holistic Sanctuary. We also act one-on-one therapy for 6 hours each day. That’s a summate of 120 hours per month.

Johnny the Healer